How do I create a Challenge?

Leaders and Co-Leaders of Groups have the ability to create Challenges with these steps:

  1. From your Group page, click the “Create a Group Challenge” button.
  2. You’ll be presented with a form to create the Challenge.
  3. Fill out the fields presented, noting the following information:
    1. Tracking devices are only currently used for Step based challenges.
    2. I Did It Challenges allow you to set a custom activity for your Challenge members to participate in. Note that rather than inputting specifics, such as number of Steps in a Steps Challenge, members of your Challenge will only confirm that they did the Challenge activity, using the “I Did It” button on the Challenge page.
    3. A Challenge with fixed dates will keep a cumulative ranking for members of your challenge throughout the duration of the Challenge.
  4. A Challenge with no end date will reset ranking every night at Midnight and will not keep a cumulative ranking across days.
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