What features does the S.O.S. app have?

The S.O.S. app for Android offers emergency care protocols for more than 30 of the most common medical emergencies. The procedures were developed and reviewed by prestigious medical and educational panels from both the American Red Cross and the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and adapted for an Android app environment. Each protocol is accompanied by at least one video that walks through emergency action steps. Dr. Oz is the instructional voice of each video, guiding users on how to provide emergency care. 3-D animations are included for the more complex techniques -- notably Unconscious Choking and CPR, which also include an audio and visual counter for real-time CPR compressions. The collection of videos is appropriate for all audiences.

The Resource Guide covers more than 50 common emergency care situations and was adapted from current American Red Cross training materials. Information spans a broad range -- including how techniques for people who are choking, having seizures and have broken bones -- and is presented in a simple Q&A format.

The SOS app also features 911 dialing that auto launches a map with location information when a call with emergency dispatch is initiated. The app provides the same location information for 911 calls manually dialed from outside the app. SOS app users can quickly access rich resource materials with voice recognition and keep personal emergency contact info handy at all times.

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