Using Your Profile Blog

You Sharecare Expert Profile includes a Blog feature that allows you to keep a journal, post news and events, and connect with your Followers. When you post a new blog or update an old blog post, a post featuring the blog will automatically appear on your Profile as well as on your followers' activity feed on their Profiles.

  1. Click on the Blog tab in the upper middle area of your screen.

  2. Click on Add New Post for adding a new blog entry.

  3. Click on Options to Edit or Delete a past blog entry.

In the form that appears:

  1. Add a Title and the content of your Blog post.

  2. Highlight any word(s) you would like to hyperlink.

  3. Click on the Link icon.

  4. Enter the URL and use the dropdown menu to select a Target (We suggest choosing "Open link in a new window").

  5. Click Insert and the hyperlink will appear in your blog post.

  6. Click the box to Allow Comments to allow people you are Following to comment on your Blog.

  7. Click Save to post your Blog

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