What does “Bring On Board” mean?

Sharecare is a health and wellness social network specifically designed for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and health-seeking consumers. Its goal is to actively engage HCPs to share valuable health-related information online, in a socially safe and responsible environment. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, patients come to Sharecare to learn more about their health and medical conditions from healthcare professionals (HCPs) that treat those conditions. Patients can now “follow” HCPs they feel might help them learn more about their health and/or condition – whether or not the HCP is their treating and/or prescribing physician. Only HCPs with Sharecare Expert Profiles can be followed. If a patient would like to follow a HCP without an Expert Profile, they can seek to “Bring on Board” a HCP with a Directory Listing by contacting Sharecare through the “Bring On Board” feature. After 5 unique requests, Sharecare will send that HCP a request to join Sharecare with an Expert Profile.

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